Erik Scheele, illustrator
Erik Scheele, illustrator

Erik Scheele is a Dutch artist and illustrator. His specialities are illustrations for board and card games, merchandising and he occasionally dabbles in the secret arts of comic writing, tattoo designs and storyboarding.

Based in the south of the Netherlands, the historical city of Maastricht provides inspiration and a working space for his works.

He is inspired by literature, history, comics, music and video games, as well as recent events or even dreams. While his personal works might seem slightly gloomy, he is more than capable of producing in a number of styles, atmospheres and handwritings.

Erik studied at the Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and Illustration in 2016. However, each assignment provides new learning opportunities and expands his skills and refines his technique. In Erik’s opinion, everything can be a learning experience if you approach it that way.

KvK: 67952631