Happy 2017! Another year for drawing and painting

Happy new year!

2016 was a year in which a lot happened. Some things positive, some things negative, but now we’re at the start of another 365 days to draw and paint!

A very short overview of last year’s highlights:
My biggest achievement was graduating. After years of wrong study choices and jobs, I finally got my diploma! Now I can say that I’ve set a goal and achieved it, which really motivates me. It has shown me I’m able to do whatever I set my mind to.

All the promotion for my first ever board game “Slag om Maastricht”. It’s been nearly a year since I started working on this game, and finally the result of many hours of writing, rewriting, sketching, testing and drawing have come to a conclusion. The prototype is done, and I’m looking for a publisher.

My new year’s resolutions for 2017 are of course to update this site more often and make sure to get more assignments. I have some jobs in the near future, but becoming a full-time illustrator is still a long way off. This year I’ll make sure to get more assignments and freelance jobs, so if you’re looking for an illustrator, look no further!

And finally, have a very inspiring and creative 2017!